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Broadband For Africa: Developing Backbone Communications Networks

Broadband For Africa: Developing Backbone Communications Networks

Author: Mark D. J. Williams

Category: Law, Society And Information Technology

Date Published: Friday, 26-July-2019 8:50:53 PM

Many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa see information and communication technology (ICT) as a necessary foundation for long-term economic development. While the region has been very successful in increasing access to basic voice communications, there has been no comparable improvement in broadband connectivity. In fact, the broadband access gap between Sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the world is getting wider just as the gap in basic voice communications is getting smaller. Increasing access to broadband connectivity is therefore emerging as a high priority for policy makers across the continent. This book begins with a brief review of the ICT market and considers the extent of demand for broadband and the ICT services that high-capacity backbone networks make possible. This is followed by a review of the existing coverage of backbone networks in the region, a discussion of how this compares with other parts of the world, and an analysis of the possible explanations for the current pattern of network development. Finally, the book presents a set of policy options that governments in Sub-Saharan Africa might consider in promoting the development of backbone networks in their countries.