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Information And Public Choice: From Media Markets To Policy Making

Information And Public Choice: From Media Markets To Policy Making

Author: The World Bank Group

Category: Law, Society And Information Technology

Date Published: Monday, 15-July-2019 12:35:56 PM

Contents of the report are: Overview : from media markets to policy; by Roumeen Islam. The media's influence on public policy decisions; by David Stromberg, and James M. Snyder Jr. National media and local political participation : the case of the New York Times; by Lisa M. George, and Joel Waldfogel. Minority-targeted local media and voter turnout : a summary; by Joel Waldfogel. I'm news, are you? Newspaper coverage of elected vs. appointed officials; by Riccardo Puglisi, and James M. Snyder Jr. The political impact of media bias; by Stefano DellaVigna, and Ethan Kaplan. Market forces and news media in Muslim countries; Matthew Gentzkow, and Jesse M. Shapiro. Political economy of media capture; by Maria Petrova. Fostering an independent media with a diversity of views; by Joseph Stiglitz. Media regulation in the United States; by Jonathan Levy. Aspects of two media models : France and the United Kingdom and European Union (EU) media governance; by Pierre-Yves Andrau. Three countries : three stories; by Edetaen Ojo, Ziad Majed, and Bambang Harymurti.