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Law And Development In Nigeria

Law And Development In Nigeria

Author: Nigerian Institute Of Advanced Legal Studies

Category: LAW & SOCIETY

Date Published: Monday, 14-January-2019 3:12:55 PM

The term globalisation, though new in coinage is old in terms of its antecedents. It can be traced to the advent of the spread of the two major religions – Christianity and Islam. These religions started from the Asian continent and spread to almost all parts of the world, replacing the various independent traditional or indigenous religions of many nationalities. The religious barriers of the nationalities that allowed for the entry of these religions into their domains were removed. After the advent of the spread of religions, the world witnessed yet another form of globalisation. This was the advent of colonialism, which started from Europe where countries like Britain, France, Germany and Portugal, etc. spread their social, political and economic influence across the globe. This move was facilitated by multinational corporations that came to establish trade missions in many of the communities that later became the colonies of the corporations’ home governments. The role of the Royal Niger Company – now the United Africa Company (UAC) in Nigeria in this regard is very informative. Just as in the case of religions, colonialism influenced the politics and economies of the countries that were colonised.