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Legal Aspect Of Hiv/aids: A Guide For Policy And Law Reform

Legal Aspect Of Hiv/aids: A Guide For Policy And Law Reform

Author: The World Bank Group

Category: Professional Ethics & Medical Law

Date Published: Thursday, 16-May-2019 12:17:07 PM

This guide to the legal aspects of the pandemic will help enhance the World Bank institution's contribution in support for the global response to HIV in several areas, including strengthening national strategies, accelerating implementation, and generating and sharing knowledge. The guide covers 65 wide-ranging topics in a concise, accessible format, explaining how laws and regulations can either underpin or undermine public health programs and responsible personal behavior. For each topic, the guide summarizes the key legal or policy issues, provides relevant practice examples (citing actual laws and regulations), and offers a selective list of references that may be consulted for more information. This guide creates a supportive legal framework for responding to HIV/AIDS, it is important that governments effectively address gaps and other problematic aspects in their legislation and regulatory systems.