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Lawscope is the new face of Digital Legal Repository. Our mission is to complement print publishing and Physical Law Libraries which makes the platform the destination for Law Authors. Our approach to publishing law titles is innovative as we draw strength from the collaborative efforts of Law authors and publishing firms in Nigeria, Lawscope Library is committed to providing authors with supportive collaborations to enjoy the reward of their intellectual hardwork in Royaltes.

Resources for Lawscope authors include:

Publishing Law Titles —Guidance will be provided on what is required to publish on Lawscope Library.

Authors Access to Title Statistics —Lawscope Authors are given exclusive access to view activities on their titles and resources such as views, clicks and subscribers.

Royalties on Paid Titles —One of our core mandate is to ensure reward on intellectual handwork. Authors will earn royalties on paid books published on Lawscope Library. Contact a Lawscope Rep for details on Royalties HERE

Complimentary Access — Lawscope Authors who have 2 books or more will be provided with complimentary access to all of the resources on the Lawscope platform.

Your research is driving a brighter future by providing answers to the challenges of today. In this changing research landscape, we support you at every step of the publishing process, helping you achieve quality, reach, and impact.