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E-filing Asset Declarations: Benefits And Challenges

E-filing Asset Declarations: Benefits And Challenges Author: Dmytro Kotlyar And Laura Pop

Date Published: 3:26:40 PM Thursday, 23-January-2020

The disclosure of assets and interests by public officials is increasingly common globally. According to World Bank research, more than 143 countries have introduced a system of asset and/or interest disclosure for public officials. Asset and interest disclosure systems serve as an important tool to prevent conflicts of interests and illicit enrichment, improve integrity, and promote accountability of public officials.  While asset declaration systems differ in objectives, scope of information disclosed, and range of filers with an obligation to disclose, many share a recent transition to the electronic filing of declarations.3 The challenges and costs associated with managing a paper-based system combined with the benefits of an electronic system are compelling. The transition to electronic-based filing and data management depends on many variables such as internet access, availability of digital signatures, information technology capacity, and institutional capacity to process electronic filings.