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Investment Law Reform(a Handbook For Development Practitioners)

Investment Law Reform(a Handbook For Development Practitioners) Author: The World Bank Group

Date Published: 12:25:04 AM Thursday, 23-January-2020

Laws evolve as societies do. To be relevant and effective, laws have to keep pace with global changes and with changes within the particular societies to which they apply. Investment laws are no exception. This “Handbook on Investment Law,” a welcome contribution prepared by the World Bank Group, shows the evolution of the field, some 20 years after the publication of the “Legal Treatment of Foreign Investment: World Bank Guidelines,” developed by the late Ibrahim Shihata, and published in 1993. Since the early 1990s, norms and standards of, and investors’ expectations from, investment climates have evolved around the world. The present handbook, written for policymakers, advisors, and practitioners, captures many of those changes and weaves them within guidelines based on well-tested good practices seen across economies at different levels of development over the last few decades.