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The Future Of Legal Education In Nigeria

The Future Of Legal Education In Nigeria Author: Professor Muhammed Tawfiq Ladan (phd)

Date Published: 1:24:10 PM Tuesday, 29-January-2019

Legal education in Nigeria is patterned after the System in England except whereas lawyers in England are solicitors or barristers, all lawyers in Nigeria qualify and can practice as both barristers and solicitors. Legal education in Nigeria consists of academic study for 4 to 5 years (depending on the mode of entry) in a law faculty and a year in the Law School followed by call to the Nigerian Bar and enrollment as a legal practitioner at the Supreme Court. It is the National Universities Commission (NUC) that has established minimum academic standards for the conferment of law degrees (LL.B). Likewise, the Council of Legal Education established requirement which a law degree must satisfy before it can qualify its holder for admission into the Nigerian Law School for a BL. This therefore subjects Law faculties to two accreditations:- one by the NUC and another by the Council of Legal Education (CLE).