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Africa Regional Justice Note: A Review And Lessons Learned

Africa Regional Justice Note:  A Review And Lessons Learned Author: The World Bank Group, Norwegian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.

Date Published: 1:05:31 PM Friday, 24-January-2020

Since the early 1990s, international development bodies have increasingly provided financial and technical assistance to developing countries to reform their legal frameworks and strengthen the capacity of institutions responsible for rule-based conflict resolution. This goal is generally recognized as promoting the “rule of law” (ROL). ROL reforms are considered to be necessary conditions for the achievement of economic and social development and poverty reduction for a number of reasons. A well-functioning justice sector can resolve conflicts before they escalate; ensure citizen security; attract investors by providing a predictable legal environment; curb corruption by ensuring accountability; and provide access to justice for all people, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or socio-economic status.