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Protecting Children From Cybercrime

Protecting Children From Cybercrime Author: The World Bank, The International Centre For Missing And Exploited Children And The Associação Dos Juízes Federais Da Primeira Região Do Brasil.

Date Published: 1:02:34 PM Friday, 24-January-2020

The Internet has created an exciting world of rapid information exchange, altering our cultural landscape with enormous new benefits and opportunities in education, socialization, and entertainment. Unfortunately, it has also proven to be a powerful tool for illegal endeavors helping fuel criminal activity. Illicit ventures are no longer constrained by physical limits related to presence, transportation, distribution, jurisdiction, and vigilance as the Internet has provided them a space to thrive without censorship and impunity. The magnitude of this problem is enormous when related to the online exploitation of children, which includes all forms of violence and sexual abuse of children with an online nexus. The impact of these heinous crimes has significantly increased. They can be committed in the safety of homes, without witnesses, and under circumstances that remove the fear of moral reprobation and social isolation, which was typically suffered by offenders in the past. The Internet has greatly increased the sheer volume of available illicit material, the efficiency and reach of its distribution, and the ease of its accessibility.